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Approved MSHA Courses

Part 46-New Inexperienced Miner Training

Applies to Training and Retraining of Miners Engaged in Shell Dredging or Employed at Sand, Gravel, Surface Stone, Surface Clay, Colloidal Phosphate, or Surface Limestone Mines. 

Course Details

  • Not less than 24 hours of total training
  • Minimum of 8 hrs before being assigned work duties
  • Miners who have not yet received the full 24 hours of new miner training must work where an experienced miner can observe 

Part 48 Subpart B-New Inexperienced Miner Training

Applies to training and retraining of Miners working at Surface Mines and Surface Areas of underground Mines.

Course Details

  • 24 hours required
  • No less than 8 hours given before assigned work duties
  • New Miners shall then receive the remainder of the required 24 hours of training; or up to 16 hours, within 60 days.

Part 48 Subpart A-New Inexperienced Miner Training

Applies to training and retraining of Underground Miners

Course Details

  •  Each new miner shall receive no less than 40 hours of training
  • 40 training hours must be completed before such miner is assigned to work duties
  • Approximately 8 hours of training shall be given at the mine site