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Defibtech Lifetline DCF 100 AED

Defibtech designed the Lifeline AED to be functional for all levels of responders. Defibtech has incorporated audible prompts and a visual text screen to provide an inexperienced responder with instructions on how to use the Lifeline AED in a safe and effective manner.


Defibtech Lifeline DCF 100

Defibtech AED Pads

These are the standard external adult electrode pads (DDP-2001) for the Defibtech Lifeline VIEW/ECG/PRO AED devices. These are replacement pads for after the original pads are used or expire.

These electrode pads are recommended for use on patients over the age of 8, or more than 55 lbs. (25 kg.) in body weight. 

Defibtech Pads

Defibtech Long-Life DBP-2800 Battery

The 7-year long-life battery pack is to be used with the Defibtech Lifeline AED. Comes complete with a 9-volt lithium battery to power self-tests 

Defibtech Battery