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HTH Safety Solutions

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Cranes, Slings & Hoists

Crane Safety Awareness

Course Description

This course is designed covers the requirements for operation of cranes in the construction industry using the OSHA construction Cranes and Derricks Standard as a guide.

Course topics include hazards associated with crane assembly and disassembly, types of cranes, lifting concepts, rigging and wire rope, signaling, employee qualifications and training, and maintenance, repair, and inspection requirements. Students will participate in workshops to reinforce concepts of safe crane operation.

Students take with them the ability to identify the types of cranes and their components and attachments, determine safe operating conditions, and recognize common violations of OSHA Standards.

Length: 7.5 Hours

Rigger & Signal Operator

Course Description

This course is designed to provide students as a competent signal person. Course lessons are as follows:

Safe practices for the crane signal person


Safe practices for the crane signal person

Knowledge of the different hand signals

Basic understanding of crane operation

Understanding of the standards

Comprehension of voice commands

Length: 8 Hours